The Silenced Cathedral

Where you’ve spent the first 26 years of your life. And it looks more like a fortress than a cathedral.

The cathedral was originally constructed by the former States Guardian Keisinger as a retreat from a world that despised him. He formed it directly out of the mountain its attached to, making it supremely durable and stable. Too hide from the magical attention of his Circle-mates Keisinger built runes into every surface of the cathedral, obscuring him and anything inside from powerful eyes.

Ashur doesn’t know why Keisinger made an empty cathedral, complete with cavernous storage and enough space to house the population of a city, but he certainly took advantage of it. Ashur reportedly stormed the cathedral and slew Keisinger so that he could claim a truly unseen base of operations.

The Cathedral contains several areas or items of note:

  • Keinsinger’s Library: a narrow room about thirty feet long, the library is where Keisinger’s repository of mundane knowledge sits. Ashur has used its books to tutor you of the world. Apparently Keisinger slept there, as he made no bedroom for himself.
  • Keisinger’s Laboratory: An alchemical laboratory where Keisinger worked on experimenting with certain mundane chemicals and materials to create magical effect. Also contains his notes and journals.
  • The Grand Pipe Organ: A pipe organ capable of causing an avalanche if played loudly. It sits in the direct center of the cathedral.
  • The Public Quarter: Miles and miles of housing, space for cooking, smithing, stores and other things a city would need to function. All located in the bowels of the cathedral. All of it empty.
  • The Nine’s Throne Room: At the top spire of the cathedral sits a room with nine seats and a great balcony to the mountain below. there are statues of each of the current pillar guardians behind the seats. Ashur uses it as his throne room.

It also includes a vast (and empty) larder, several warehouses worth of storage space, miles of hallways, catacombs and a cremation facility for burial, numerous chapels and places of worship, and dozens of railed balconies to look down across the mountains.

The Silenced Cathedral

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