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Nosgoth is not a world in balance. At least, this is what Ashur tells you.

Nosgoth is ruled, and has been ruled, by an oligarchy of mages called The Circle of Nine who guard the Pillars of Nosgoth and maintain the beneficient health and stability of the land. Though few of them rule legitimately or have concrete political power, Nosgoth’s royalty tend to bow to the wishes of the circle. There is no punishment for disobeying the circle, other than earning their ire.

Nosgoth is lush and verdant. It has no deserts, and even the permanently snowy Northern Region can still support agriculture of a kind. The soil is rich, great forests dot the continent, and natural resources are abundant. For over a thousand years, Nosgoth has not seen an earthquake, a plague, or large-scale natural disaster. Most people don’t believe in them anymore.

Nosgoth is separated into three regions that account for most of its climate changes.

Additionally, Nosgoth has a long and healthy academic tradition, including the works of Thadeus, Racond, and Villenath, though for the most part these books are out of your reach.

Main Page

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