Vampire Generals

Rebirth 1:1

The Fathering of Gods

1:1 Ashur cast his gaze about the earth, and saw it was unrighteous.

1:2 The earth was called Nosgoth, and all those places within or without were known by this name. The land was fertile, and good. The rains were plenty and the soil yielded grain and wheat.

1:3 A curse had fallen across the earth. Men and women of power banded together. And in their wake, they wrought imbalance and treachery. They will be known to us as The Circle of Nine.

1:4 Ashur grew discontent. And sought ways to rid Nosgoth of the Circle, and the pestilence that enslaved it. Knowing the eyes of the Circle saw far beyond the skein of moments, Ashur stowed away in a great cathedral, where no eyes could see. Ashur silenced the Circle tyrant guarding the cathedral, and thus it was named the Silenced Cathedral.

1:5 Ashur knew his need. He said, The faithful are blessed as children are blessed. And he knew in his heart that his children would lead him to victory over the Circle of Nine.

1:6 Ashur fathered his first child, and he was named Taharial.

1:7 Ashur fathered his second child, and he was named Azrael.

1:8 Ashur fathered his third child, and he was named Amarial.

1:9 The blood of the father runs strong in the first born. Still strong in the second, but weaker in the the third. Ashur willed it so, and thus it was.

1:10 Ashur saw his children, and saw that they were as the animals. They knew only hunger and could not speak. So it was that Ashur told his children their names and bade them speak his own.

1:11 Then he bade them bow to him on their knees and hands to display their righteousness. Then he taught them language and thought.

1:12 Amarial and Azreal were cunning and spoke, but Taharial was of a slow tongue. Thus Ashur punished his son. Let it be that sons shall hear their Fathers.

1:13 Then it was that Ashur told his sons of the world. He spoke of the Circle of Nine and of the fertile land. He spoke of his father Isachaar, and of the duty of the faithful.

1:14 The faithful are to become as death to the Circle of Nine. The Circle of Nine lay corruption upon the land, and the hand of corruption is to be crushed beneath the heel.

1:15 Ashur taught his sons to combat. All shall learn to combat, as the world is full of dangers and beasts and men. And Ashur saw that Taharial knew the truth of this, and thus Ashur punished Amarial and Azreal for they did not know this truth.

2:1 And low it was that a human stepped foot into Ashur’s Silenced Cathedral. No human had touched foot to the Cathedral since Ashur destroyed its guardian. For it was high on the mountains, and laden with cold snow.

2:2 The human was named Phae, and in her years measured no more than a score. It was cold, and she requested solace.

2:3 Amarial let the human sit and warm her body by a fire within the cathedral.

2:4 Taharial gave council to lock the human away. Amarial said he would not.

2:5 Thus it was that Taharial took the human in his arms and locked her away. While Amarial stayed with the human to comfort her.

2:6 Ashur came upon the human and the locked room. His sons beheld him and he was wrathful. Ashur killed the human and punished his sons for the comfort they offered their enemy.

2:7 Azrael asked his father how can we know our enemy? We have neither seen nor known him.

2:8 Ashur then raised his hand, and cast his sons to another place.

2:9 There, Ashur bade his sons fight. For violence draws the Circle of Nine like vultures to feast. And low, Katova, master of slaughter, came anon.

2:10 Katova, bathed in blood and with two blades in his hands, stepped from the air into being. No son of Ashur was ready for the demon, and thus it was that Katova plunged a sword deep into Azreal’s chest. Though he did not die.

2:11 Ashur called his sons back to his cathedral, and said now your enemy is clear to you.



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